HYBRID TEA These roses have a classical formal shaped bloom with pointed petals and symmetrical shape. With usually one flower per stem, they are ideal for picking. Mostly taller in height, hybrid teas are great towards the back of a border or in a formal rose garden. For best results these should be dead headed in summer and pruned in winter to maximise blooming. FLORIBUNDA These roses have an abundance of flowers hence on one stem you can average up to 10 or 12 flowers. Some flowers are of hybrid tea shape and form (and smaller in size), but most floribundas are of looser more open petalled form. Floribundas are ideal for borders and hedges, and are good for floral work. They can be pruned like hybrid teas or trimmed with hedge shears. DAVID AUSTIN / ENGLISH ROSE Originating from old fashioned roses crossed with modern hybrids, David Austin/English Roses give the best of both worlds. Our selection of Austins at Matthews Nurseries are the top performers for NZ conditions. They offer repeat flowering, fragrance, an old fashioned type shrubby plant for hedges, mixed borders and general use. SHRUBS Comprising of a broad range of types of roses that are very bushy and tall (1.2m and over). Being repeat flowering bushes they are great as gap fillers and for hedges. SHRUBLETS These are small bush roses about 1m x 1m in size. Very easy care as they will carry on flowering whether they are pruned or not. A trim with the hedge shears will do for these beauties.


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